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Communications Computer Intelligence Integration

Welcome to the C²I² Systems website

We are practitioners of applied information technology, specialising in the development of real-time systems, specifically in high-speed data communications and data I/O.

Please use our site to find out more about us, our products and our services, as well as related topics in our industry.

Notification : Supply of Products and Services

Due to evolving circumstances, from January 2019 C²I² Systems will continue to supply its customers with its existing off-the-shelf products. This will be for the forseeable future and within the constraints relevant to availability of components for such products. Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) may apply.

C²I² Systems will no longer offer nor supply special or custom-designed products nor provide special engineering services.

Customers are recommended that they give due consideration to their project lifespan requirements for products supplied by C²I² Systems, including prime mission equipment, spare parts and support equipment.

Quality Management and Compliances



Site last updated : Friday 2023-01-06

Announcements and New Products

Available Product : FDDI and CDDI PCI Adapters.

SysKonnect SK-54xx PCI 32-bit FDDI adapters and SK-5844 PCI-X 64-bit FDDI adapters. These FDDI and CDDI PCI Adapters are available in the following range of industry standard compliant formfactors:

PCI 32-bit (PCI Local Bus Specification Rev. 2.3)

PCI 64-bit (PCI-X 1.0)

A range of FDDI and CDDI Adapters is also available in the PMC, CCPMC and PCI-104 formfactors.

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