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A Special Message to America


 On the Eve of War Cape Town Leaders Send Messages to the World


Richard Young, MD of defence electronics company CI Systems, whose customers include the US Navy :

"To the American military : You must do what you have to do.

I hope the Iraqi generals have the good sense to surrender before they are wiped out and before there is fighting in the streets, which could affect the civilian population.

This is not the Second Gulf War, it's just a continuation of the first. Saddam Hussein reneged on the ceasefire agreements. All Bush is doing is enforcing them." 



Dear Friends in the United States

It is with the most horrendous shock and the utmost sorrow that we have heard and seen of the unspeakable evil perpetrated upon your country and its innocent citizens by faceless, nameless cowards who can only be considered to be humans in the most simple of biological terms.

I speak on behalf of my colleagues here at CI Systems and, indeed, all my fellow South Africans, when I convey our deepest sympathies and condolences to all those lost, those injured, as well as the families and friends of those lost and injured; and, in fact, all Americans who have to endure this outrageous injury and insult to their country and countrymen.

We wish you all the strength and the speediest of recoveries from this most heinous and unnecessary of crimes against America and humanity.

We also hope that you find all that is necessary to track down the perpetrators of this atrocity, as well as all their support systems, and obliterate this evil from our universe.

Yours sincerely

Richard Young
Managing Director