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C²I² Systems Thrusts into Commercial and Industrial Arenas with Acquisition of Basix Automation
Publication: C²I² Press Release Issued: Date: 1997-05-29 Reporter: C²I² Systems

C²I² Press Release


C²I² Systems (Pty) Ltd, a Cape Town-based supplier of mission-critical real-time systems and consulting mainly to the defence establishment, has acquired Basix Automation (Pty) Ltd to spearhead its thrust into the commercial and industrial markets.

The move is in line with C²I² Systems’ ‘swords-into-ploughshares’ strategy, whereby the company offers competitively-priced ‘military-strength’ solutions to diverse non-defence markets such as mining, process control, agriculture, medicine, banking and financial services.

C²I² Systems, as part of the diversification, recently entered the outsourcing arena with a range of sophisticated project management, system design, development and support services.

Now the company is stepping up its foray into the business and industrial sectors with the acquisition of Basix Automation, an up-and-coming company that designs, implements and supports advanced electronic, but supportable systems.

Basix’s Managing Director, Louis van Alphen, comments: "We offer integrated and robust, dependable and cost-effective system solutions consisting of hardware and software segments integrating many different technologies. These include imaging, multimedia, information technology, databases, networks and others."

High-level technical skills and wide-ranging experience are among Basix’s particular strengths. The company has a philosophy of working closely with customers to obtain a thorough understanding of their business and operational problems before recommending solutions.

In addition, Basix can draw on its sister company’s formidable array of know-how and experience in key areas such as system, software and protocol engineering, real-time networking and man-machine interface technology.

"This expertise can be harnessed, where required, to our own in-house skills and knowledge to provide high-quality, fault-tolerant solutions at an affordable cost," van Alphen concludes.