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CI Systems to Participate at DSEi'99, Surrey, UK
Publication: CI Press Release Issued: Date: 1999-09-04 Reporter: CI Systems

CI Press Release


CI Systems, a company specialising in real-time, network-based solutions for mission-critical military and industrial applications, will be participating at the Defence Systems & Equipment International (DSEi'99) exhibition in Surrey, UK during September this year.

It is expected that DSEi'99 will be one of the largest defence events in Europe, combining the best elements of three past exhibitions (RNBAEE, IMDEX, BSI) to provide one fully integrated Defence exhibition. Mobility demonstrations and about 20 warships and submarines are expected alongside in London Docklands in support of the exhibition and conference. Over 15 national pavilions and more than 600 exhibitors will be participating. Armscor will be facilitating and coordinating the SA Defence Industry participation under a single SA pavilion of which CI Systems will be an exhibiting company.

The most recent technological developments at CI Systems have been in the area of Network Interface Cards (NICs). These new developments will be exhibited in the form of FDDI PMC, CDDI PMC and High-Speed Serial I/O PMC Adapters. These adapters are available in both forced-air and conduction-cooled versions. They are ideally suited to embedded platforms and feature a wide range of compatible and qualified software drivers. High transmission rate, efficiency and cost-effectiveness make these cards the optimum solution for real-time communication links, real-time and multimedia networks, as well as corporate backbones.

Other products to be introduced include the Information Management System (IMS), Platform Management System (PMS), Tracking Radar Console (TRC) and Integrated Command and Control System (ICCS).

The IMS is an in-house-developed, ship-borne network based on SAFENET (Survivable Adaptable Fibre Optic Embedded Network) that effectively provides the logical integration function of the fight function of the ship. The IMS manages the transfer of time-critical command and control messages, multimedia streams and background file transfer from many sources to many destinations. Supporting unicast, broadcast and reliable multicast transfer types, the IMS also provides for network synchronisation and message timestamping, as well as sophisticated built-in test and network management. Bounded packet latencies, message-level priorities, synchronous bandwidth allocation, high throughput, determinism, reliability and survivability are some hallmarks of the IMS.

The PMS is an integrated vessel control and monitoring system, providing centralised management of sub-systems by means of a local area network. Access to the functions of the PMS is via a sophisticated man-machine interface, using a graphical environment to effectively display information concerning the move and float functions of the ship. The PMS, through its high-performance display technology, provides effective centralised management of many classical functions within the vessel. These include propulsion, electrical and auxiliary systems, damage control, ship stability, helicopter operations, maintenance, data logging and operative manning, to mention a few.

Providing a sophisticated, graphically-orientated man-machine interface for a variety of optronic radar tracking systems, is the TRC. The TRC overlays high-resolution graphic symbology over the displayed video to facilitate searching and tracking of targets by the operator. Highly suited to naval and air defence tracking radar display applications, the TRC allows the user to configure, calibrate and control the radar using a combination of handgrip, rollerball, fast-function keys and on-screen menus.

In the future battlespace, where a soldier or sailor could die within minutes of being detected by the enemy, action will be required as rapidly as possible. With the ICCS, information will be transferred between different units of the force, who will use the information to enhance their own decisions and actions, narrowing the window between detection and action. 

"Our products, incorporating some of the most advanced technologies available today, are designed to dramatically improve the transfer speed, reliability and interpretability of battlefield data, thereby lessening the chances of fratricide and enhancing its battle effectiveness", comments managing director, Richard Young.