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EADS Modernizes Mission Computer System on NATO’s AWACS Early Warning Aircraft




Date 2004-11-08



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Ulm, Germany

EADS is participating in the modernization of NATO’s AWACS early warning fleet. As announced on Thursday, Boeing has awarded EADS Defence Electronics an order for the delivery of AWACS mission computers and Multi-Sensor Integration (MSI) computers for NATO’s E-3A AWACS aircraft following successful development.

EADS developed the MSI software in the run-up to the NATO E-3A modernization program. This software permits the automatic identification and tracking of targets as well as the generation of correlated target flight paths by including a variety of reconnaissance data on board the AWACS platform. This technology ensures a marked improvement in automatic target tracking and identification and significantly assists flight officers and their teams in airborne air surveillance.

Bernhard Gerwert, head of the EADS Defence Electronics business unit, noted: “EADS manages responsibility for the sensor-fusion software as well as the main computer. Thus we are able to supply the client with a fully integrated sub-system that considerably improves the capability of the early warning system.”

Within the scope of NATO’s “Mid-Term Modernization Program,” Boeing is carrying out the comprehensive modernization of the mission computer system, the displays and communication, navigation and target identification and tracking systems. EADS Military Aircraft integrates the systems supplied by EADS Defence Electronics into the AWACS aircraft at its Manching facility where it also tests the newly developed, modernized system. The first upgraded aircraft will become operational in 2006.

Aircraft in NATO’s E-3 fleet at Geilenkirchen near Aachen have been in operation for 20 years. Throughout operations, these flying reconnaissance platforms have been subject to constant modernization of sensors and deployed equipment. The upgrading of the radar and Electronic Support Measures (ESM) systems, as well as the installation of the Airborne Collision Avoidance System (ACAS), have been among the most significant projects in the past. The AWACS fleet is expected to remain operational until 2025.

EADS Defence Electronics, supplier of radar, avionics and electronic warfare systems, is an integrated part of the EADS Defence and Security Systems Division (DS). DS, with revenues of about EUR 5,2 billion in 2003 and roughly 24 000 employees across nine nations, forms the defence pole within EADS.

EADS is a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services. In 2003, the Group generated revenues of over EUR 30 billion and employed a workforce of more than 109 000.

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