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CI Systems Announces SAs First FDDI PMC Daughtercard
Publication: CI Press Release Issued: Date: 1997-01-23 Reporter: CI Systems

CI Press Release


In a South African information technology "first", Cape Town-based C2I2 Systems have developed an FDDI PMC (PCI Mezzanine Card) daughtercard to meet the need for standards-based, high-speed networking devices.

Demand for FDDI (Fibre Distributed Data Interface) technology is increasing in South Africa and world-wide, partly because of the slow rate at which network systems and devices supporting ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) are coming onto the market.

C2I2 Systems daughtercard is adapted from the proven FDDI for PCI design by SysKonnect, a leading German-based provider of high-performance networking products for the client/server markets.

C2I2 Systems is the authorised South African distributor for the SysKonnect range of advanced networking products, which includes network interface cards, switches and hubs for all major high-speed network technologies.

Richard Young, C2I2 Systems Managing Director, says the new daughtercard includes drivers for all the popular operating systems including Novel NetWare 4.1, NetWare 3.12, DOS ODI for NetWare, Mirrored Server Link (MSL) for Novell SFT III, Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0, SCO Unix and IBM AIX. Real-time operating systems supported will be VxWorks and, optionally, LynxOS, iPSOS and iRMX. Protocols supported are TCP/IP, UDP, XTP, SNMP and NTP (Network Time Protocol).

The product incorporates a custom ASIC which implements the PCI interface. Another noteworthy feature is the use of the AMD Supernet III FDDI chipset, which allows the device to have dual-attached fibre implementation on one PMC card.

Further advanced options include an FDDI Synchronous Bandwidth Allocator and synchronous end station support. The card will also offer ST or SC connectors, single-attached and dual-attached, as well as CDDI (MLT-3) options (SAS and DAS).

The ST connectors, coupled to advanced protocol options, will make the product SAFENET (Survivable Adaptable Fibre Optic Embedded Network) compliant and therefore suitable for real-time, mission-critical, distributed system environments.

Young concludes: "The latest trends in computing platforms such as VME, Multibus II, Futurebus+, Sbus and Compact PCI indicate that PMC will become the de-facto standard for cross-platform support.

We therefore believe the card will provide a cost-effective, locally supported solution for customers seeking to implement high-performance networks in heterogeneous environments."

The FDDI for PMC product is available as from the end of 'Q4 1996.