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Lynx Real-Time Systems Incorporated LynxOS V2.5
Publication: CI Press Release Issued: Date: 1997-06-01 Reporter: CI Systems

CI Press Release


Lynx Real-Time Systems, Incorporated is a worldwide supplier of real-time operating systems and development tools.  Lynx uniquely provides compatibility with industry software standards, such as UNIX and POSIX, on a wide range of powerful 32-bit microprocessors (Intel, IBM, Motorola and Sun).

The cornerstone of the Lynx product offering is an embedded operation system called LynxOS. LynxOS is a UNIX-compatible, POSIX-conforming, multiprocess, and multithreaded operating system designed for complex real-time applications that require fast, deterministic response. The LynxOS kernel was specifically designed for hard real-time applications.  The modularity inherent in the LynxOS architecture makes the operating system highly scalable and configurable.  At its smallest, LynxOS can be configured with only the kernel and linked with an application to form a ROMable image for specialized embedded applications.  At its fullest, LynxOS is a self hosted development environment consisting of a wide array of software development tools, UNIX-compatible utilities, industry standard networking, a graphical user interface, and a UNIX-like hierarchical file system.

Lynx extends LynxOS with version 2.5.  An unique advantage is that LynxOS development tools can run either as native/hosted on standard target platforms or in cross development mode.  In addition, an AIX cross development system is available for PowerPC targets.

PosixWorks  (which supports development for microprocessors Intel x86 and Pentium, Motorola 68040 and 68060, Power PC 601, 603, 603e, and 604, as well as the microSPARC and microSPARCII) and POSIX/UNIX standards provide system integrators and application builders with improved time-to-market and reduced cost-to-market.  Using LynxOS and writing applications to the POSIX and UNIX standards, preserves your software and product development investments, especially when developing families of products and planning future life-cycle upgrades to product lines.

Lynxs scalable operating system are also introducing a combination with Motorolas PowerPC family.  Supporting the Motorola Power QUICC family enhances Lynx Real-Time Systems well-established lead in support for PowerPC-based communications and networking. LynxOS support for the MPC860 will be  available beginning in July 1997.

LynxOS has found application on the US Space Station Freedom as well as in the fields of chemical, nuclear and automobile engineering and robotics.  One of the largest commercial users of LynxOS is Pepsico who use the operating system in a real-time closed-loop control system.