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Eagerly Awaited LynxOS V2.3 Now Available through CI Systems
Publication: CI Press Release Issued: Date: 1996-01-01 Reporter: CI Systems

CI Press Release


The eagerly awaited new release of real-time Unix operating system, LynxOS, featuring PowerPC support and a host of other new features, is now available through Cape Town-based systems integrator, CI Systems.

LynxOS V2.3 is specifically designed for complex, embedded real-time applications where fast, deterministic response, full Unix compatibility and compliance to industry standards such as POSIX are essential.

This latest version has been completely overhauled by a cross-functional task force at Lynx Real-Time Systems to dramatically improve the LynxOS user experience.

Enhancements run the gamut from all-new software and document packaging through to improved installation, the latter now being largely automated for added convenience.

In addition to the compilers and associated tools supplied in LynxOS V2.2, the new release incorporates up-to-date GNU C and C++ compilers, the 25 000-test case Plum Hall suite, as well as improved include files and libraries for excellent ANSI C compliance with the new compilers.

The gdb debugger has also been improved, providing enhanced support for multi-threaded debugging with the ability to take control of an already running process or switch from one process to another.

LynxOS V2.3 offers dramatic application and system performance improvements, thanks to the remarkable new Fast Lynx File System (FLFS). This innovation delivers read performance improvements of up to 30%, write performance up to 100% and file copy performance up to 400% (depending on the CPU and hard disk).

Another highlight of the new release is extended platform support. LynxOS now runs on PowerPC 601, 603 and (soon to come) 604 processors, as well as Pentium, X86, 68K and microSPARC (1 and 2) platforms.

CI Systems Managing Director, Richard Young, comments: Now, more than ever, applications require the real-time performance of a traditional, embedded, real-time operating system plus features found in Unix, but without all the fat."

LynxOS V2.3, with its myriad of new features and enhancements, meets this growing need and lets one build scalable, configurable and versatile real-time systems ranging from lean-and-mean ROM-able kernels to fully self-hosted development environments.

CI Systems are able to provide local support for LynxOS, including training.