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SysKonnect's SNMP Agents Support Wide Range of Network Management Systems
Publication: CI Press Release Issued: Date: 1999-10-02 Reporter: CI Systems

CI Press Release


SNMP agents and applications from SysKonnet, Europes leading specialist for strategic server links and FDDI network cards (IDC 1997), support a wide range of network management systems including HP OpenView, Sun NetManager and IBM NetView.

This is good news for network administrators who need to control their networks from a central location using these and other network management systems.

The Management Information Bases (MIBs) used for this purpose are the SNMP MIB-II (the standard MIB for terminal devices), the RMON MIB (standard MIB for remote monitoring) and SysKonnect's own Gigabit Ethernet MIB (private SK-GE MIB).

Using SNMP agents, all manageable information can be displayed with an SNMP browser within the management system, which usually includes a graphical user interface to facilitate the representation of information.

All required settings can also be made via a preferred network management system. This allows network administrators to use aggregated statistics and thresholds to detect and eliminate potential sources of errors in advance.

Should a server adapter trigger an alarm, an administrator can be notified by the network management system's Event Manager. Such information can be provided in the form of a simple message on the screen, pager alert, email, etc.

Another important technology from SysKonnect is the SK-NET GE product line of Gigabit Ethernet server adapters. These represent a unique combination of high performance and fault- tolerance through the innovative implementation of failover redundancy.

Whether single-port or dual-link, a SK-NET GE adapter provides the best in performance for high-end servers requiring maximum availability and reliability, says sole local distributor, Richard Young of CI Systems.

He says this is made possible by SysKonnect's unique RLMT (Redundant Link Management Technology) which provides network designers and managers with fail-safe Gigabit Ethernet configurations for their networks. Redundant NIC ports can be connected to a second Gigabit switch or repeater, thus enabling failovers from a bad cable segment, port, or even a complete switch or repeater.

The SK-NET GE server NICs support the most powerful implementation of the 64-bit/66 MHz PCI bus, as well as all other possible PCI bus configurations using 32 or 64-bits at 33 or 66 MHz clock speeds. The product line include 1000BASE-SX and 1000BASE-LX adapters offering both single network ports and redundant ports for the highest levels of reliability and fault-tolerance.

According to Young, SysKonnect has also optimised these adapters for use in critical server environments by adding several features to reduce CPU utilisation and system load, while maximising the performance and reliability of a servers connectivity.

Please refer to www.syskonnect.com or www.ccii.co.za for more information.