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SysKonnect Kits Offer an Easy, Cost-Effective Way
to Implement Mirrored Server Link for Novell SFT III
Publication: CI Press Release Issued: Date: 1998-08-20 Reporter: CI Systems

CI Press Release


CI Systems, authorised South African distributor for German-made SysKonnect (SK) FDDI adapters, offers an easy, cost-effective way for organisations to attain the high system availability and fault-tolerance offered by Novell's SFT III with the SK range of SFT III Kits.

There are two kits in the range: SK Safety Base Kit and SK Dual Protect Kit. Both support Novell's SFT III Mirrored Server Link (MSL) through SK's third-generation 100 Mbit/s FDDI cards.

Customers may choose from high-performance SK FDDI cards for PCI (SK-NET FDDI-FP), for EISA PCs (SK-NET FDDI-FE) or SK's unique Microchannel (SK-NET FDDI-FM) solution. Any option guarantees optimal fault recovery and interference immunity through the dependability of fibre optic cabling, dual-redundant FDDI ring or Dual Homing.

The SK Safety Base Kit includes two SK-NET FDDI cards (FP, FE or FM) and one FDDI five metre long cable with connectors. The SK Dual Protect Kit offers additional security by means of the FDDI-DAS Option. This kit includes two dual-attached SK-NET FDDI cards (FP, FE or FM) and two FDDI five metre long cable with connectors. Both kits include Novell-certified MSL drivers.

Richard Young, Managing Director of CI Systems, says: "A powerful advantage of SysKonnect technology is the ability to install multiple server pairs on the FDDI ring and the optional inclusion of a standby server in the server pool. The standby server, in the event of a failure, can become the twin of any of the primary servers on the ring.

"Further benefits of SK SFT III Kits include the ability to use existing FDDI cabling structures for connections and cover wide geographic ranges (up to 2 km between stations)."

For VME and Multibus II-based systems, or any supporting a PMC host carrier, CI Systems also offer a FDDI network adapter for PMC (PCI Mezzanine Card).

* SysKonnect network interface adapters are manufactured in Germany by SysKonnect, a leader in high-performance products and components for high-speed networks. According to IDC, SysKonnect commands 44% of the European NIC market and shares top position worldwide according to Dataquest.

CI Systems is a Cape Town based company specialising in real-time networking solutions for mission-critical applications.