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MOM as Dissertation Topic
Publication: CI Press Release Issued: Date: 1998-10-21 Reporter: CI Systems

CI Press Release


Manie Steyn, an engineer from real-time, mission-critical networks specialist, CI Systems, proposes to determine the networking requirements set by real-time distributed applications for message-orientated middleware (MOM) in his MSc(Eng) Dissertation.

APIS (Application Interface Services) is a real-time mission-critical MOM developed by CI Systems for military and industrial use. In these environments, APIS facilitates reliable communication between various sub-systems within larger distributed systems, by abstracting low-level network complexities.

MOM is a specific class of network application layer software that operates on the principles of message passing. It is characterised by a peer-to-peer distributed computing model supporting by synchronous and asynchronous interaction between distributed computing processes.

"MOM generally provides high-level services," says Steyn, "creating an infrastructure to support very reliable, scaleable and performance-orientated distributed network applications in heterogeneous environments.

"APISs transport services are provided by the Xpress Transport Protocol (XTP) while the physical layer is based on a high performance LAN technology such as FDDI, ATM or Fibre Channel.

"The off-board host communication architecture provides for parallelism between the user application running on the host and APIS running on a local processor. It also establishes a functionally-decoupled interfacing environment between the service provider and user, which provides for a more reliable integration of the users application and the network".

In addition, Steyn proposes to test and analyse APISs performance, particularly with regard to the added complexity of the MOM aspect.

"My proposed research work will :

  • Investigate the networking requirements of real-time, mission-critical distributed systems
  • Perform latency and throughput measurements with respect to network loading, message length and message loading
  • Draw conclusions on the suitability of APIS as a real-time network application.

"At the end of the day, I hope to be able to recommend changes which will enhance the performance of APIS."