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Raytheon - Artillery Weapon Locating and Air Defense Radar Systems
Publication: Defence Technologies Issued: Date: 2003-03-01 Reporter:



Defence Technologies (Army) Website

Date March 2003

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Raytheon's Electronics Systems division produces a range of battlefield radars including the Sentinel 3-D Tactical Air Defense Radar and the FireFinder Field Artillery Weapon Locating Radars.

FireFinder Field Artillery Weapon Locating Radars

Within seconds, FireFinder radar systems detect and backplot the fire of adversary weaponsartillery, rockets and mortars, to provide pinpoint targeting information for the counterattack. The systems also correct and improve the delivery of friendly fire.

FireFinder radars scan electronically in three dimensions. The stationary antenna sweeps a rapid sequence of beams along the horizon, forming an electronic radar curtain over a 90 area. Any target penetrating the curtain triggers an immediate verification beam. Upon verification, an automatic tracking sequence begins.

While tracking any single target, the radar continues scanning, locating, and tracking others. Signal and data processors test each track to filter out birds, aircraft, and other unwanted returns, giving FireFinder radars an extremely low false-location rate and a very high probability of location rating. Once the computer establishes a target's validity, it smooths the measured track data, deriving a trajectory that it extrapolates to establish the target's firing position and impact location. Those data are displayed on a visual map and printed out in map coordinates.

Over 350 FireFinder radars are in use today by seventeen nations. Some nations have adopted both the AN/TPQ-36 and AN/TPQ-37, dividing their missions between direct and general field artillery support while other nations have adopted the medium range AN/TPQ-36 for its particular suitability for peacekeeping and contingency operations, or the AN/TPQ-37 for its ability to deal with long range threat weapons.

AN/TPQ-36 FireFinder

AN/TPQ-36 FireFinder is a highly mobile medium range 3-D radar system that rapidly locates hostile artillery, mortars, and rocket launchers. Operating at X (I/J) band, it can detect and report positions of up to 10 different weapons in seconds, at a maximum range of 24 kilometers.

AN/TPQ-37 FireFinder

AN/TPQ-37 Firefinder is a long-range 3-D weapon-locating radar system with double the performance of the AN/TPQ-36, locating long-range weapons out to 50 km. When long-range surface to surface missiles must be located, a special 60-degree sector mode extends the AN/TPQ-37's range even further. The AN/TPQ-37 operates at S (F) band.

AN/TPQ-47 FireFinder

AN/TPQ-47 FireFinder is in development for the future as the next generation 3-D weapon locating radar to provide more survivable, longer range performance with less manpower to transport, set up and maintain.

The AN/TPQ-47 has a maximum range of 400 km with twice the AN/TPQ-37's performance against artillery and an effective range against tactical ballistic missiles of 300 km. The new radar is C-130 transportable in a single sortie.

Sentinel Battlefield Air Defense

Sentinel is the 3-D air surveillance and target acquisition/tracking sensor for division and corps weapons under the U.S. Army's Forward Area Air Defense system. This three-dimensional phased-array system operates in the X (I/J) band to automatically detect, track, identify, classify and report airborne threats, including helicopters, high-speed attack aircraft, cruise missiles, and unmanned aerial vehicles. It detects and tracks threat aircraft at several times the distance of short-range weapons. Sentinel's early warning capabilities protect personnel and equipment by allowing engagement of threats at maximum distances.

Sentinel is in use today by US and international forces, with Stinger missiles as well as Surface-Launched AMRAAM and anti-aircraft artillery gun systems.

All Raytheon battlefield radars are of the three-dimensional "3-D" type, providing excellent accuracy in the three dimensions of azimuth, elevation, and range.


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Mail Station N156
El Segundo, California
Telephone : +1 310 607 7730
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