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It's a Snap with SysKonnect
Publication: CI Press Release Issued: Date: 1996-01-01 Reporter: CI Systems

CI Press Release


SysKonnect, the well-known German developer of high-speed networking products, has unveiled a family of low cost hub and LAN switching products to deliver improved performance to the fast growing high speed workgroup market.

These products, which have been designed as network "building blocks" to provide a specific function, will be marketed under the "Snap" brand name.

More importantly, according to Cape Town's CI Systems and local distributor of SysKonnect products, the Snap offerings incorporate standardised networking interfaces and can therefore be used to add functionality to existing equipment from other vendors, or be used to build a complete Snap solution.

There are three types of products within the Snap family :

  • SnapSwitches - Network devices that use switching technology to primarily switch a single type of network. These products all have high speed uplink options for linking with other Snap products.
  • SnapHubs - Shared media hubs for a single LAN topology. Like the SnapSwitches, some of the more advanced SnapHub products will support high speed uplink modules.
  • SnapLinks - Option modules which plug into SnapSwitches and SnapHubs to add high speed uplink capacity.

When building a complete Snap solution, a high speed network backbone can be assembled using SnapSwitches with the high speed SnapLink options. Once the backbone is built, SnapSwitches and SnapHubs can be cascaded off the backbone to connect edge devices, such as client workstations in a LAN workgroup, to the network.

"Compared to a chassis backplane, the high speed links allow users much more flexibility in physical deployment," says CI Systems managing director, Richard Young.

"In essence, the high speed links for a 'network backplane', which is a practical solution with current networking technology.

"Most companies with stackables and chassis platforms promote the stackables as 'low-end' workgroup or department solution while a chassis hub is the 'high-end' solution.

"In keeping with the building block approach, SysKonnect's long-term plan is for the Snap products is to provide the same functionality found in chassis-based products by deploying combinations of Snap products.

"The end result is that Snap will create a scaleable, 'virtual chassis' solution and, because it will only use standard networking interfaces, it will preserve its users' future purchasing flexibility."

About CI Systems :

CI Systems' mission is to provide value-added, cost-effective, multi-disciplinary system solutions for a broad range of commercial and industrial organisations.

It has the capabilities, experience, products and partners to offer turnkey solutions to any enterprise's information technology needs from networking to image processing, and from systems engineering to project management.

CI Systems also has direct access to overseas technology, expertise and products through its authorised reseller relationships with leading overseas companies.