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CI Systems Enters the Outsourcing Market
Publication: CI Press Release Issued: Date: 1997-06-01 Reporter: CI Systems

CI Press Release


CI Systems, a pre-eminent Cape Town-based systems integration and networking house, has entered the outsourcing arena.

The move will make cutting edge expertise and technology acquired in developing embedded, mission-critical and real-time systems, mainly for the defence establishment, readily available to organisations across commerce and industry.

Richard Young, Managing Director of CI Systems, says: "We have been providing hardware and software application solutions for stringent environments for more than five years.

"During that time we acquired sophisticated project management, design, development and support capabilities that can be used by any organisation for outsourcing projects."

CI Systems has adopted an object-orientated (OO) approach to application development, leading to cost effective design solutions for both software and systems applications.

In addition, the company has acquired the ability to design, develop and support systems in a number of OO languages such as C++ and Object Pascal. CI Systems also has considerable expertise in Ada, C, Assembler and Java.

The companys experience of operating systems runs the gamut from real-time environments such as LynxOS and VxWorks through to Unix (SCO and Linux) to MS-DOS. Other operating systems catered for include Windows NT, iRMX, iRMK and Windows 95.

CI Systems development approach incorporates an iterative design/develop/test/deploy cycle that delivers optimal price/performance and short lead times.

A noteworthy feature of the development approach is an extensive in-house software repository that allows CI Systems to provide highly cost effective applications solutions.

The software repository consists of man-machine interface components (ccMMI), window components (ccWindow), shapes (ccShapes), co-ordinate transformations (ccTransform) and math functions (ccMath).

Other elements of the repository include standard multi-tasking library (ccSMTL), standard window manager (ccWinMan), standard event handler (ccEvtHandler), communications (ccComms) and networking interface (ccNet).

Aside from its own development approach, CI Systems has successfully utilised a wide variety of third-party application frameworks and software repositories. These include ZINC Application Framework, Delphi, Visual C++, TCP/IP Developers Kit, VxWindows for VxWorks and X-Windows, to name a few.

Beyond software and systems, CI Systems has also developed hardware solutions for a variety of platforms, including Multibus II, VME 32/64, Embedded PCI/PMC and Personal Computer. The company has further developed a number of peripherals and products including an innovative, high-performance PMC FDDI board and Operator Control Panel (OCP) interface board.

In the networking arena, CI Systems has considerable expertise of many different protocols and physical interfaces. Supported protocols include XTP (Xpress Transport Protocol), TCP/IP, synchronous (HDLC/SDLC) and asynchronous protocols. Physical interfaces range from FDDI and ATM to Fast Ethernet, CANbus and Universal Serial Bus (USB).