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SysKonnect FDDI goes Sun
Publication: CI Press Release Issued: Date: 1998-05-13 Reporter: CI Systems

CI Press Release


SysKonnect, represented in South Africa by high-speed, mission-critical network specialist CI Systems, has reached a new milestone in server network adapters with the introduction of its new SK-NET FDDI PCI64 Sun product line.

The world's first FDDI network cards for the new 64 bit/66 MHz PCI bus architecture, the line is available as a standalone product for Sun server systems.

The adapters use the PCI bus, which has been expanded to 64 bits and a clock frequency of 66 MHz, which is already implemented in Sun's high-end server systems. The result is a performance improvement for the entire server system.

This is reflected in a significant decrease in CPU load and improved utilisation of the PCI bus in Sun high-end server systems, which often have more than 4 GB RAM and multiprocessor features such as SMP (Symmetric Multi-Processing).

As the adapters are fully compatible with 32 bit/33 MHz, 64 bit/33 MHz and 32 bit/66 MHz PCI bus servers, they can be used to enhance the performance of existing systems.

SysKonnect, the market leader in Europe with a market share of 51% (IDC 1997), leads in the development of high-performance ASICs that allow full utilisation of the 64 bit/66 MHz PCI bus's high bandwidth of 528 MByte. In future, advanced ASIC technology will also be used for other high-speed network technologies such as ATM and Gigabit Ethernet.

"SysKonnect's new Sun products round off our extensive FDDI-portfolio by supporting these high-end server platforms. Customers who use these high-performance servers want to ensure that their investment in processor power and speed will pay off," CI Systems managing director, Richard Young.

"The fact that the network adapter plays a key role as the link between high-performance servers and the network is a critical factor in our customers' choice of SysKonnect products. The SK-NET FDDI PCI64 Sun adapter fully utilises the new PCI bus architecture of Sun's high-end servers," he says.