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SysKonnect Announces Industry's First 64bit/66MHz FDDI PCI Adapter for High-End Servers
Publication: CI Press Release Issued: Date: 1998-03-27 Reporter: CI Systems

CI Press Release


SysKonnect, a leading manufacturer of high-end server adapters for strategic network links, will ship the networking industry's first 64bit/66MHz FDDI PCI Network Interface Card (NIC) for network servers.

Initially available for the FDDI market, the high-performance ASIC technology that enables the NIC to support the PCI bus and 64bit data paths/66MHz operation, as well as the ability to address more than four gigabytes of RAM, is transferable to other high-speed technologies such as ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) and Gigabit Ethernet.

Dubbed the SK-NET FDDI PCI, the adapter makes more efficient use of the PCI bus by reducing the number of the CPU (Central Processing Unit) cycles requires to support the adapter resulting in more CPU power available to run applications and provide other services.

Because the adapter is fully compatible with 32bit/33MHz, 64bit/33MHz and 32bit/66MHz PCI-bus servers, customers can use the SK-NET FDDI PCI to improve the performance of their existing equipment, extending their server investments, until they are ready to move to ultra high-end 64bit/66MHz PCI-bus servers.

"The next generation of high-end servers are due to enter the market soon. These PCI bus-based systems, using a 64bit/66MHz architecture, will likely be the predominant server architecture well into the future.

"Customers purchasing these powerhouse servers want to be sure their investments payoff in terms of processing power and speed," said Richard Young, managing director at CI Systems, sole local distributor in South Africa for SysKonnect.

"Networking customers understand that the link between these powerful servers and the rest of the network - the adapter - is now a strategic purchase. Recognising this, SysKonnect is focusing its business and leveraging its years of experience building strategic network components to serve this market need.

"As enterprise-class servers transition to ever more powerful processor and I/O technology, users require network adapters that can take advantage of extended RAM and bus bandwidth.

"PCI peripherals that can exceed the 32bit/33MHz barrier are essential components in a balanced approach to greater overall system performance, and as such, play a key role in numerous corporations' enterprise server strategies. CI Systems salutes SysKonnect on its pioneering efforts to make 64bit/66MHz network peripherals a reality".

The SK-NET FDDI PCI card is completely compatible with existing 32bit/33MHz based systems and can autosense the new 64bit/66MHz server bus architecture, making the migration from one system to the next completely transparent. Because the card makes more efficient use of the PCI bus and requires fewer CPU cycles, server processing power is freed for use running applications or other server functions.

The card supports the new "hot-plug" and "hot-swap" standards from Compaq and Micron/NetFRAME and complies with the new I2O SIG (Special Interest Group) standard for advanced I/O processing.