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SK-NET TR/PCI Token Ring Network Interface Adapters for PCI now available
Publication: CI Press Release Issued: Date: 1996-01-01 Reporter: CI Systems

CI Press Release


The new SK-NET TR/PCI Token Ring network interface adapters for PCI, available through Cape Town-based networking specialist company CI Systems, support PCI's 132 Mbyte/s data transfer rate and offer high performance with low processor and bus utilisation.

The high-end model, SK-NET TR/PCI+ (SK-4590), is equipped with 512 Kbyte RAM, a standard remote bootROM and the Texas Instruments chipset that allows the adapter to be used in either bus master or programmed I/O operating mode.

The device can operate at 4 or 6 Mbyte/s on the Token Ring, and supports Source Routing and Early Token Release. It's recommended for use in servers and workstations alike.

The second model in the range, SK-NET TR/PCI (SK-4591), is a low-cost version of the TR/PCI+ with 128 Kbyte RAM and without remote boot support.

Both models incorporate RJ45 as well as Sub Min D9 connectors for unshielded and shielded twister pair cabling environments. The adapters conform to the IEEE 802.5 standard and are IBM Token Ring Network compatible.

Other noteworthy features include extensive driver support (Novell NetWare, MS Windows '95/NT/3.x and IBM LAN Server), and multi-protocol capability (UPPS).

SysKonnect network interface adapters are manufactured in Germany by SysKonnect, a leader in high-performance products and components for high-speed networks, and distributed in South Africa exclusively by CI Systems.