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SysKonnect Network Adapter Driver Shipped on Windows NT 4.0 Installation CD
Publication: CI Press Release Issued: Date: 1997-06-01 Reporter: CI Systems

CI Press Release


A variety of SysKonnect (SK) drivers are shipping on the new Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 installation CD to allow easy implementation of SKs high-performance networking products on next generation NT 4.0 systems.

Included is this range of drivers is the Microsoft certified driver for SK FDDI PCI boards, which have been designed specifically to deliver superior performance in data-intensive network applications such as digital video, computer-aided design, desktop publishing and collaborative simulation.

The boards, distributed in South Africa by CI Systems, incorporate SKs advanced 32-bit PCI bus with an internal data transfer rate of 132 Mbyte/s. This results in the highest performance possible on 100 Mbit/s FDDI networks.

The range includes the low cost SK-NET FDDI-UP model, supporting connections for unshielded twisted pair cabling in accordance with the TP-PMD standard (UTP5). This adapter affords the option of implementing full 100 Mbit/s FDDI bandwidth up to the workstation.

The SK-NET FDDI-FP model incorporates an optical MIC-connector for 62,5 and 50 um fibre optic media. The third model in the range, SK-NET FDDI-LP DAS, offers two SC-connectors (LCF Housing) for 62,5 and 50 um fibre optic media, allowing the workstation to connect to the network as a Dual-Attachment Station (DAS).

All models are plug-and-play capable and therefore able to automatically configure and integrate into the network within a few seconds. Another advantage is extensive driver support, including NetWare 4.1, NetWare 3.12, Windows 95, SCO UNIX, DOS ODI for NetWare and now Windows NT 4.0.

SKs boards were rated highest in a recent performance benchmark of leading FDDI PCI products by the independent testing laboratory, KeyLabs, Inc.

The test was based on Ziff-Davis Publishing's NetBench v4.0.1, a widely recognised benchmarking tool. SK's technology was able to deliver aggregate throughput values of more than 90 Mbits/s, compared to about 79 Mbits/s of its nearest rival further evidence of the suitability of SK FDDI PCI adapters for real-time, mission-critical applications.

* SysKonnect network interface adapters are manufactured in Germany by SysKonnect, a leader in high-performance products and components for high-speed networks. According to IDC, SysKonnect commands 44% of the European NIC market and shares top position worldwide according to Dataquest.

CI Systems is a Cape Town based company specialising in real-time networking solutions for mission-critical applications.