SK-UPPS FTP Packet Driver

July 1993
Software Version v2.05 Rev. A 

UPPSPD.COM is a FTP packet driver for SK-UPPS. It follows the
PC/TCP 1.09 (basic + extended) Packet Driver Specification of FTP.

Before starting UPPSPD you have to load the Data Link Interface (UPPSDLI.COM,

Get the command line parameters of UPPSPD by typing UPPSPD -? .

After loading UPPSPD one of the the TCP/IP kernels ETHDRV.EXE, IEEEDRV.EXE or
TOKDRV.EXE of FTP and/or corresponding programs (Telnet emulation, LANWatch,...)
can be loaded.

A special version of the packet driver (UPPSLW.COM) was written for
Token Ring and FDDI. The following enhanced possibilities can be
set by command line parameters:

	-n  receives also non-LLC packets
	-s  cuts the length of received packets to max. 2048 bytes (larger
	    packets are ignored by LANWatch).
	-t  emulates Token-Ring on FDDI when receiving packets, because FDDI
	    is not yet supported directly by LANWatch. The FC of an FDDI packet
	    will be transformed by the following rules:
		5xh -> 10h 40h
		41h -> 10h 41h
		4Fh -> 10h 4Fh
		C2h -> 10h 12h