SK-UPPS PC-NFS Link Level Driver
Additional installation information

April 1994
Software Version 1.21 Rev. B 

UPPSNFS.SYS is the SK-UPPS Link Level Driver for PC-NFS (Sun Microsystems)

UPPSNFS.SYS is a DOS device driver and has to be loaded in the file

	DEVICE = uppsnfs.sys [/sxxxx] [/n]

The UPPSNFS.SYS driver supports the following parameters:

 /sxxxx : Maximum Packet Size (default: MTU)

 /n     : Ethernet Emulation OFF (default: ON)

You have to choose a smaller packet size, if you have a station in your
network, that cannot handle large packet sizes.

For example: a NetWare 3.11 fileserver can handle a maximum packet size of
4202 byte. Because on FDDI or Token Ring the default value is greater, you
have to call the driver with

	device=uppsnfs.sys /s4202

Note: To tell Newtare 3.11 to handle such packets you have to add the
following line in the startup.ncf

	set maximum physical receive packet size = 4202

On Netware 4.x you can specify greater packet sizes, so you can work with the
default values.

On Token Ring there are four valid 'Maximum Packet Size' parameters:
	548, 1502, 2084, 4504 (default: 4504)
	These values come from the largest size of the MAC information
	field (516, 1470, 2052, 4472) plus 2 bytes control field plus
	12 bytes source and destination address plus 18 bytes optional
	routing field. If you specify a not valid value, the next lower
	will be used.

The specified packet size has to be between 60 bytes and the maximum
packet size of the selected medium otherwise the parameter will be ignored
and the size will be set to the default value.

You can toggle on or off the Ethernet emulation of the UPPSNFS.SYS driver.
By default the driver emulates Ethernet on Token-Ring and FDDI (by creating
and erasing the topology specific header), because PC-NFS is an Ethernet
application. If you have a medium specific application for FDDI or Token-Ring,
you must toggle the Ethernet emulation off.

For using PC-NFS you have to load the other drivers for PC-NFS (PCNFS.SYS

Before starting PC-NFS the Data Link Interface driver has to be
For more informations installing PC-NFS please read the PC-NFS manuals.

Using Novell NetWare

If PC-NFS is used together with Novell Netware, you have to load the drivers
in the following sequence:

First start PC-NFS (load NET.EXE) then load all the Novell drivers
(UPPSIPX.COM and NETX.COM). Loading the drivers in another sequence is not
recommended, because the redirectors of both programs were not programmed
for a parallel usage. But practically there were no problems using both
programs at the same time.
Use the NETX or BNETX shell when running PC-NFS 5.0 or below, because there
are problems with drive mappings using the VLMs.

If you are using PC-NFS together with Microsoft LAN Manager, you have to
load the LAN Manager workstation service first.

For using all three programs together, the following sequence is recommended:
		1. LAN-Manager Workstation-Service
		3. NetWare Shell