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flashfp.htm created 23-Nov-1999

Readme File for FLASHFP.EXE v2.13
SK-NET Adapters
	*** SK-NET FDDI PCI Flash Programmer v2.13 (19991123)

November 23, 1999

This file contains

(1) Overview

This README explains how to use the program flashfp.EXE to maintain the
contents of the Flash PROM on your network adapter.

Chapter 2 contains a list of all network adapters that are supported by this

Chapter 3 describes how to use the program.

(2) Supported Adapters

The program flashfp.EXE supports the following network adapters:

	*) SK-NET FDDI PCI series

(3) Command Line Options

The following optional parameters are supported by flashfp.EXE.
You can obtain a list of all available driver options by typing the

	flashfp ?


	-e  Erase only.
	-p  Program <file> into the Flash PROM.
	-v  Verify Flash PROM contents with <file>.
	-g  Get Flash PROM contents into <file>.


	-V  Verbose.
	-r  Remote option.
	-n  Do not print anything.


	-s  PCI device index (1, 2, 3, ...), default 1.

(4) List of Returned Errorlevels

The program flashfp.EXE returns its error status by setting a certain
errorlevel. So if you start the program from a batch file with the "-n"
option (no output is generated), you can inspect the returned ERRORLEVEL.

The following table explains the various errorlevels returned by the

0 	Everything is o.k. the desired action was successful.

1	Syntax error (usage printed).
6	Program failed: writing 0's.
7	Program failed: during erase.
8	Program failed: during programming.

10	Erase failed: writing 0's.
11	Erase failed: during erase.

20	Cannot read man code! (or unknown man code).
21	Cannot calibrate timer.
22	Verify failed.

30	Illegal slot number.
31	Network Adapter disabled.

40	Network adapter not found.
41	Unsupported Flash PROM address.
42	Unsupported IO base address.
43	ROM not found (maybe disabled).
44	found card has no I/O-Space.

50	Cannot open data file.
51	Not enough memory.

(5) History

    New features:
	- Added support for flash type AM29F010B.
    Problems fixed:
    Known limitations:

    New features:
	- Added SK-NET Gigabit Ethernet Series support.
    Problems fixed:
	- Calibrating FPROM Programmer failed on AMD CPU
	  with 233 MHz (#10304).
    Known limitations:

    New features:
	- Read from Flash PROM function.
    Problems fixed:
    Known limitations:
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