Unsupported Software !!

	July 1992
	LSB mode to MSB mode address conversion program

	Use this program to calculate the address parameter (-a), when you
	want to use the IBM LAN Support program on Ethernet.

	You have to load a device driver called DXME0MOD.SYS in the file 
	CONFIG.SYS. As a parameter of this driver you have to input a
	logical network address of the DOS Workstation. The address
	is written in Token-Ring format:

		device = dxme0mod.sys 400000001234

	To use this address with the UPPSDLI driver, you have to convert it
	into an Ethernet address format. This converted address has to be
	written as a parameter of the UPPSDLI driver.

		uppsdli -i5 -bcc -a02000000482c

	Use the TOK2ETH.EXE program for an easy calculation of the 
	-a parameter of UPPSDLI in combination with IBM LAN Support program.

	This software is unsupported !