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Latest News for SK-NET FDDI PCI64 SUN Adapters on Installation CD 4.02 4.02

This file contains

Dear customer,

Thank you for purchasing a SysKonnect Network Interface Adapter.

Below you will find some useful and important information to assist you in
avoiding problems due to restrictions and limitations which may arise with
some operating systems.	 In addition, this file contains latest news and
information not mentioned in the installation manual and readme files!

For instructions on the installation and configuration of SK-NET FDDI
PCI64 SUN network drivers please refer to the driver readme files.
The readme files are located in the respective subdirectories of the
SK-NET Adapters Installation CD.  We recommend viewing the file start.htm
in your browser to obtain easy and comfortable access to the readme text
files.  Alternately, you may use the readme viewer in the appropriate
adapter directory.

(1) General information

The drivers for the SysKonnect FDDI PCI64 SUN Adapters support Solaris
versions 2.5.1, 2.6, and 7 on INTEL and SPARC platforms.

You will find the driver in:

	FddiPci.SUN/Solaris/I386/SKfp	for INTEL version and
	FddiPci.SUN/Solaris/SPARC/SKfp	for SPARC version.

(2) Installation Hints

You can install a driver directly from this CD.
Please enter the I386 or SPARC subdirectory and make it your
current directory.
It contains the directory SKfp.

Please install the driver using one of the following possibilities:

	pkgadd:	   Please type 'pkgadd -d . SKfp'.
	admintool: Choose the current directory as installation directory.
		   'admintool' then offers SKfp for installation.

For details please refer to the drivers' README files:

	FddiPci.SUN/Solaris/I386/SKFP.TXT	or

(3) Hardware Diagnostic Tool

This diagnostic tool runs under DOS and examines the SK-NET FDDI PCI64 SUN

The base path for this tool is FddiPci.SUN/DOSDiag.
For details please refer to the tool's README file:


(4) Known problems


*** End of information file ***