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SysKonnect GmbH, a subsidiary of Marvell Corporation, develops, manufactures, supports and markets server connectivity products i.e. Gigabit Ethernet, FDDI/CDDI and Token Ring network interface adapters and concentrators. The comprehensive line of SysKonnect products is ideal for the electronic commerce, finance, health-care, imaging and a variety of crucial business applications.

With FDDI/CDDI being the most mature and reliable server connectivity technology available, the majority of current products are fibre and copper-based FDDI. SysKonnect is the European market leader for FDDI NICs with a market share of 51%. They offer a range of IBM PC-compatible FDDI network interface cards in ISA (Industry Standard Architecture), EISA (Extended ISA), MCA (Microchannel) and PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) formfactors.

The SK-NET GE family includes the first 64 bit/66 MHz Gigabit Ethernet server NICs with two ports on one card, enabling users to connect their strategic servers with redundant links to the same, or separate, network switches. Also compatible with today's 32 bit/33 MHz bus systems, the heart of these new adapters is a SysKonnect-developed ASIC, the connection between the network and the PCI bus. Unlike other redundancy schemes for Gigabit Ethernet, the SysKonnect solution is completely independent of the host operating system, protocols used or the brand of server.

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