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Navigation Distribution System

PDF print version of this specification : A4 or Letter

The Navigation Distribution System (NDS) is a dual-redundant, real-time distribution system for ship sensor data. The NDS consists of two Navigation Processor Units (NPUs) which receive and relay inertial and navigation data.


The NDS will typically provide the following functions :

  • Receive data from the following sensors: 2 Doppler Logs, 4 GPSs, 2 Electromagnetic Logs, 2 Weather Stations, 2 Echo Sounders and 2 Inertial Navigation Systems
  • Monitor status of sensors
  • Monitor link status to sensors
  • Select best source of sensor data
  • Timestamp sensor data
  • Provide age of data for selected sensor data
  • Distribute sensor data
  • Distribute additional switched sensor data (only from one NPU at a time)
  • Distribute NDS status
  • Distribute status of each sensor and status of the link to the sensor
  • Display NDS and sensor link status on frontpanel


  • Replicated Architecture
  • Networked
  • Fault-Tolerant
  • Scalable
  • Cost-Effective

Design and Architecture

The NDS's replicated and distributed hardware and software architecture ensuring a high level of reliability and freedom from any single point of failure.

NDS Front View
NDS Rear View


The NDS provides the following interfaces:

  • 16 High-speed serial interfaces (UART or HDLC configurable up to 4 Mbps maximum per interface)
  • 6 Low-speed serial interfaces (UART up to 115 Kbps maximum per interface)
  • 2 Ultra high-speed LAN interfaces (FDDI, Fast Ethernet, Fibre Channel, etc.)


  • Naval Ships
  • Merchant Ships

NDS Specifications


    • Sensor data latency of less that 1 ms for selected high-speed serial interfaces.
    • Age of data accurate to 100 s with a precision of 5 s for sensor data on selected high-speed serial interfaces.

    Physical Characteristics

    • The NDS uses the ship's 115 V, 60 Hz power supply. The power supply requirements are specified by STANAG 1008.
    • The NDS typically has a total mass of less than 100 kg.
    • Temperature range of 0 C to 70 C.


Power Supply

115 V, 60 Hz or 240 V, 50 Hz
The power supply requirements are specified by STANAG 1008.

Power Consumption

Typically 3 A

Total Mass

 30 kg


0 C to 70 C


25 g (5 ms)

IP Rating

IP 54 (OEC-60529)

Heat Dissipation

150 W


46 dBA


 L = 420 mm
B = 483 mm
H = 392 mm


NDS   Issue 3   2010-09-01
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Telephone : (+27 21) 683 5490 Facsimile : (+27 21) 683 5435 WWW : www.ccii.co.za