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Universal Fibre Hub

PDF print version of this specification : A4 or Letter

The Universal Fibre Hub (UFH) is a multi-format input / output (I/O) signal concentrator and data redistribution unit. It is highly configurable and is suitable for use in a wide range of I/O monitoring and control applications. It has exceptional utility in systems which use a wide variety of different and remote sensors and actuators which need to be connected to a central node, more often than not in difficult electromagnetic environments.

The device is a standalone host system with a rich feature list, including an array of analog to digital converter (ADC) inputs, digital to analog converter (DAC) outputs, digital I/Os (DIO), UART serial I/O channels, USB host interfaces, a CAN interface, SATA interfaces, a PMC and XMC site and more.

The UFH can be supplied with a variety of enclosure types including plastic, aluminium and stainless steel, rated at IP66 or above.


The UFH incorporates a COM Express module that provides the primary processing unit and various host interfaces such as USB, SATA and PCI Express (PCIe). Multiple FPGA controllers provide the digital, analog, CAN and UART I/O. The digital outputs can also be pulse-width modulated (PWM) outputs.

Two of the three onboard Gigabit Ethernet interfaces are configurable for use with either fibre optic or copper media types, while the third interface is copper only. The single-lane PCIe XMC or 32-bit 33 MHz PMC site offers I/O and processing expansion capabilities trough the use of a third-party XMC or PMC adapter. One example of this would be the use of a CI Systems Dual 10 Gigabit Ethernet XMC adapter to connect to a 10 Gbit/s fibre backbone.

A single-lane PCIe Mini Card slot is also available.

Universal Fibre Hub : Functional Block Diagram

Universal Fibre Hub : Functional Block Diagram


  • Type 10 COM Express module with Intel Atom processor
  • 32-bit 33 MHz PCI PMC site
  • single-lane PCIe XMC site or single-lane PCIe Mini Card slot
  • two SATA channels
  • six USB 2.0 channels
  • one 1 Mbit/s CAN interface
  • two fibre or copper media Gigabit Ethernet interfaces
  • one copper only Gigabit Ethernet interface
  • one LVDS (video output) connector
  • four RS-232 channels
  • two RS-422 / RS-485 channels
  • PS/2 keyboard and mouse interfaces
  • eight isolated digital inputs
  • two isolated 16-bit 250 kS/s ADC modules (each are configurable
    as one dedicated full-speed channel with programmable gain, two
    or four multiplexed channels with fixed gain, or four multiplexed
    channels with programmable gain at a reduced performance)
  • eight isolated open collector digital outputs
  • eight isolated 8-bit analog outputs
UFH in diecast aluminium enclosure
Universal Fibre Hub

CPU and Memory
Commercial Grade
Industrial and Ruggedised Grade
: Intel E620T, 600 MHz, 1 Gbyte DDR2, 800 MHz
: Intel E660T, 1,3 GHz, 1 Gbyte DDR2, 800 MHz
PCIe Interface Single-lane XMC site or PCIe Mini Card
PCI Interface 32-bit, 33 MHz PMC site
Electrically : PCI Rev. 2.2, 3,3 V signalling
Breakout connector for PMC rear I/O
SATA Interface Two SATA channels, up to 3 Gbit/s
Ethernet Interface Two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces using either copper or fibre media
One Gigabit Ethernet interface using copper media only
USB Host Interface Six USB 2.0 host interfaces
CAN Interface Single CAN V2.0 (Part A and B) interface with maximum data rate of 1 Mbit/s
Serial I/O Interface Four RS-232 and two RS-422 / RS-485 UART serial I/O channels with a maximum bit rate of 1 Mbit/s each
Digital Inputs Eight isolated digital inputs, 0-35 V range, 2 500 V RMS isolation
Analog Inputs Two isolated 16-bit 250 kS/s analog to digital converter modules, 2 500 V RMS isolation
Independently configurable as :
  • one 250 kS/s single-ended or differential channel with programmable gain
  • two 125 kS/s single-ended channels with fixed gain
  • four 62,5 kS/s single-ended channels with fixed gain
  • four 10 kS/s single-ended or differential channels with programmable gain
(0,2 V/s maximum slew rate applies to channels with programmable gain)
Digital Outputs Eight isolated digital 100 mA open collector BJT outputs, 2 500 V RMS isolation
Analog Outputs Eight isolated 8-bit digital to analog outputs, 0 - 5 V range, 2 500 V RMS isolation
Keyboard / Mouse PS/2

380 mm x 280 mm x 180 mm
(minimum, dependent on enclosure)
3 kg to 19 kg (dependent on enclosure)
Input Power 100 to 240 V AC 50/60 Hz : 1,3 A (50 Watt) or
12 V DC 0,5 V : 4,2 A (50 Watt)
(including PMC adapter with 7,5 Watt power consumption)
Software Support for Linux. VxWorks, Windows and others are costed options

MTBF Figures according to MIL-HDBK-217F, Parts Stress Method
Commercial Grade Ground Benign, Controlled, 25 C 120 000 hours
Industrial Grade Ground, Mobile, 45C
Naval, Sheltered, 40C
Airborne, Inhabited Cargo, 55C
22 000 hours
40 000 hours
25 000 hours
Ruggedised Grade Ground, Mobile, 45C
Naval, Sheltered, 40C
Airborne, Inhabited Cargo, 55C
30 000 hours
50 000 hours
35 000 hours

Environmental Specifications
  Commercial Grade Industrial Grade Ruggedised Grade
- Operating
- Storage
   0 C to +55 C
-40 C to +85 C
-15 C to +75 C
-50 C to +85 C
-40 C to +85 C
-60 C to +125 C
Humidity 0% to 90% 0% to 95% 0% to 95%
Shock N/A 30 g peak for 11 ms 40 g peak for 11 ms
- Sine
- Random
2 g (peak) 10 Hz to 100 Hz
0,04 g/Hz 15 Hz to 2 kHz
10 g (peak) 5 Hz to 2 kHz
0,1 g/Hz 15 Hz to 2 kHz
10 g (peak) 5 Hz to 2 kHz
0,1 g/Hz 15 Hz to 2 kHz

Part Selector
Part Designation
CCII/UFH/SA/004/COM Standalone Commercial
CCII/UFH/SA/004/IND Standalone Industrial
CCII/UFH/SA/004/RGD Standalone Ruggedised

UFH002   Rev 1.3  2015-07-06
CCII Systems (Pty) Ltd P.O. Box 171 Rondebosch 7701  South Africa 
Telephone : (+27 21) 683 5490 Facsimile : (+27 21) 683 5435 WWW : www.ccii.co.za