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Universal Tracking Platform

PDF print version of this specification : A4 or Letter

The Universal Tracking Platform (UTP) provides an integrated solution for monitoring and reporting the geographic position, movement parameters and internal health of a vehicle, or any entity capable of movement.

Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM)

This product is customisable for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). CI Systems will work closely with the OEM or VAR (Value-Added Reseller) if need be and could customise the design based on their specific needs. A VAR will sell the finished product under its own name.


The UTP incorporates a Global Positioning System (GPS) module, a Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) module, autonomous data logging to onboard non-volatile memory, digital/analogue input and digital output. An onboard rules engine allows easy and powerful user configuration. All UTP functions can be accessed using a powerful serial Application Program Interface (API).

utp_web.jpg (30842 bytes)

UTP Architecture

Universal Tracking Platform


  • Full GPS functionality
  • GSM V2.5 (GPRS with built-in TCP/IP stack, SMS and CSD communication options)
  • 4 Mbit of EEPROM for the logging user or onboard VMM data
  • A powerful serial API providing flexible access to all onboard tracking functions
  • An onboard rules engine that allows control functions to operate without interaction with the host (for example, the unit may be programmed to report position via GPRS and activate an alarm when the GPS speed exceeds a preprogrammed setpoint).
  • Sophisticated reporting functions

This module can be controlled in the following ways :

  • External command via serial port
  • External command via GSM (GPRS, SMS or CSD)
  • External command via Data Key
  • Internal, stand-alone operation using rule and function engine


  • Vehicle tracking applications
  • Position tracking applications
  • Remote data logging using GPRS/SMS/CSD
  • Remote control using GPRS/SMS/CSD
  • Stand-alone data logging and control
  • Easy to use GSM (GPRS/SMS/CSD) communication module

Universal Tracking Platform Specifications

Serial Interface RS232-compatible asynchronous transfer with modem control signals

GPS Receiver

L1 Frequency, C/A Code, 12 Channel

GPS Data Format

Serial API

GPS Update Rate

1 Hz max

GSM Module


GSM Data Format

Serial API

EEPROM 4 Mbit for data logging or general storage

EEPROM Data Format

Serial API

Analog Inputs


Digital Inputs


Digital Outputs


Analog/Digital I/O Format

Serial API

Operating Limits (GPS)

Altitude < 18 000 m, Velocity < 515 m/s, if GPS option is fitted.
Either limit may be exceeded, but not both - COCOM (Coordinating Committee on Export Controls) restrictions apply.


100 mm x 80,00 mm x 30 mm

Power Requirements

6,6 V to 24 V; 24 W

Supporting Software

Sample serial API user application software (C/C++ source code)

Environmental Specifications



-  Operating
-  Storage

-20 C to +70 C
-40 C to +85 C


0% to 90%

-  Sine
-  Random

2 g (peak) 10 Hz to 100 Hz 
0,04 g/Hz at 15 Hz to 2 kHz


S 0013   Issue 2  2010-09-01
CCII Systems (Pty) Ltd P.O. Box 171 Rondebosch 7701  South Africa 
Telephone : (+27 21) 683 5490 Facsimile : (+27 21) 683 5435 WWW : www.ccii.co.za